Update on SB 923

SB 923 is now in the Senate Appropriations Committee and we need everyone to call the members of the committee and urge them to vote NO.  We oppose this bill because:

  • It pushes gender ideology, a dangerous belief system rooted in unreality that is seducing children, adolescents, and young adults into believing they were “born in the wrong body” and can alter their sex
  • It pushes “affirmative care” which is a profit-driven enterprise that creates lifelong medicalization and dependence on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery
  • It prevents medical professionals from using their judgment as to what constitutes appropriate treatment and places it in the hands of untrained political activists and trans lobbyists with no clinical background and who therefore are in no way qualified to recommend such life-altering interventions
  • It erodes parents’ ability to safeguard their children from irreversible harm from sterilization and mutilation and healthcare providers ability to “first do no harm,” putting patients at risk of misdiagnosis and providers at risk of malpractice
  • It is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds by mandating repeated “cultural training” of all medical personnel, requiring MediCal and PACE, state, and partially-funded programs to spend millions of dollars annually on this spurious “training”, enriching lobbyist groups rather than spending funds on legitimate services
  • It is a violation of the First Amendment to compel medical personnel and providers to profess a belief in gender ideology and use inaccurate names and pronouns demanded by persons assuming a gender identity conflicting with his or her actual sex

2 Replies to “Update on SB 923”

  1. Barbara Bull

    Please vote NO on SB 923. It’s wrong to force providers to have “training” from trans activists. It’s wrong to force them to use pronouns or other language. And it’s certainly wrong to force them to give care outside of what they’ve been trained to do.


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