Social Media Posts re SB 923

Please help us stop SB 107 before August 3rd when it is due to be heard in the California Assembly Appropriations Committee!

Submit a statement! Regardless of where you reside, you can submit a statement on the following website:

Please call, write, fax, and tweet the members of the CA Assembly Appropriations Committee to Vote NO on #SB923. Contact info here

Here are the Twitter handles for the Appropriations Committee members:

@ChrisHoldenNews @FrankBigelowCA @IsaacgBryan @AsmLisaCalderon @AsmCarrillo @AsmMeganDahle @AsmLaurieDavis @AsmMikeFong @AsmVinceFong @AsmJesseGabriel @AsmEGarciaAD56 @AsmMarcLevine @AsmBillQuirk @AsmRobertRivas @asmakilahweber

Here are some sample tweets/posts:

I oppose #SB923 bc it pushes gender ideology, a dangerous belief system rooted in unreality that is seducing children, adolescents, & young adults into believing they were “born in the wrong body” and can alter their sex. VOTE NO!!

I oppose #SB923 bc it pushes “affirmative care” which is a profit-driven enterprise that creates lifelong medicalization and dependence on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery. VOTE NO!!

I oppose #SB923 bc it prevents medical professionals from using their judgment as to what constitutes appropriate treatment & places it in the hands of untrained political activists/trans lobbyists w/no clinical background VOTE NO!

I oppose #SB923 bc it erodes parents’ ability to protect their children from irreversible harm from sterilization, lifetime medicalization, and mutilation VOTE NO!!

I oppose #SB923 bc it hampers healthcare providers’ ability to “first do no harm,” putting patients at risk of misdiagnosis and providers at risk of malpractice VOTE NO!

I oppose #SB923 bc it is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds by mandating repeated “cultural training”of all medical personnel requiring MediCal, PACE, state, & partially-funded programs 2 spend millions of $$$ annually on re-education2 crush dissent VOTE NO!!

I oppose #SB923 bc it is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds to funnel $$ to lobbyist groups for politicized indoctrination, enriching political pacs rather than spending funds on legitimate services. VOTE NO!!

I oppose #SB923 bc it’s a violation of the 1st Amendment to compel medical personnel/providers to profess belief in gender ideology & use names/pronouns demanded by persons assuming a gender identity conflicting w/his/her sex VOTE NO!!