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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining Feminists in Struggle (FIST)!


Any woman who is in general agreement agree with FIST’s thirteen principles is welcome to join our organization. See this link for the principles.

Anyone who becomes a member of FIST will be placed on two email lists – one is an announce email list including notices of meetings, conferences, policies, press releases, and other actions taken by FIST members as well as monthly and special newsletters. The second email list is the interactive discussion and decision-making email lists for members.

FIST is unique among radical feminist groups in that we are democratically run by our members. All members of FIST who are paid up on their dues get voice and vote in the decision-making of the national organization through what we call the Feminist Assembly. Decisions of the Feminist Assembly are made at membership meetings held on zoom, through on-line vote on this interactive email list, or at national conferences. Members are free to unsubscribe, but they may not be able to fully participate in national decision making, especially if there are on-line votes.

When you complete the membership form, you will also receive the password for the member pages where you will find FIST’s Bylaws, Rules of Conduct, and additional information and resources regarding FIST.

Paying your member dues:

All Members are asked to pay annual dues to the extent they are able; please use the Donate button on our website homepage. Paying dues is how we ensure that we maintain our independence and are beholden only to our members. No one will be turned away due to inability to contribute; hardship waivers may be granted upon request. The annual dues structure is as follows:

Individual members:
  • $35 Regular dues per year
  • $50 Supporting member dues per year
  • $20 Low income dues per year
Affiliated organizations:
  • $50 regular dues per year
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Please provide us with a list of your social media accounts’ names or handles so FIST can connect with you:

By subscribing, you indicate that you are in general agreement with our democratically created principles and consent to receiving emails from us.

  • I affirm that I am a natal FEMALE.
  • I further affirm that I have read all of the FIST Statement of Principles and generally agree with each of them
  • I agree to review and comply with FIST’s Rules of Conduct (available on the Member’s page)
  • Confidentiality agreement: I agree that any information shared at FIST meetings or on FIST’s interactive email list including the identity of other members is confidential and that I will not to share with anyone outside of FIST

You can unsubscribe at any time from either email list by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. We will NEVER share your email with anyone outside of FIST, and only specifically delegated individuals will be allowed to administer for the purpose of providing you this service. If you have any questions, please visit our website or contact us directly.