HELP US STOP SB 923 & SB 107!

California bill SB 923 is a blatant attempt to indoctrinate all medical personnel from clerks all the way up to M.D.s, therapists, and anyone in healthcare who has direct client contact, into gender ideology and so-called “gender-affirming care”.  It requires healthcare professionals to be “educated” by untrained transactivist lobbyist groups who would be the recipients of public funds for this purpose, and directs healthcare professionals’ governing boards to monitor and discipline their licensees’ compliance.

California bill SB 107 makes California a magnet for those seeking or providing “gender-affirming care”, a euphemism for radical interventions that causes infertility, inhibited bone and organ development, sexual dysfunction, and which sentences minors to a lifetime of medicalization and mutilating surgeries for the profit of pharmaceutical companies. SB 107 would not only shield those who enable minors to flee to California for such radical “healthcare”, but those medical doctors who prescribe and perform these treatments, even if outlawed in their home states, and it would bar law enforcement from cooperating with subpoenas or extradition orders.  For more background on SB 107, see: California Aspires to Become a Sanctuary State for Those Who Mutilate Children for Profit

Feminists in Struggle vigorously opposes these bills and calls for feminists and feminist allies in every state to help defeat them.  Both #SB923 and SB 107 have passed the California Senate and the California Assembly and now await Governor Newsom’s signature or veto.

Please call (916) 445-2841, Fax: (916) 558-3160, email, and tweet Governor Gavin Newsom @CAgovernor and @GavinNewsom and urge him to VETO both of these bills.

Here are some sample tweets:

I oppose #SB923 bc it pushes gender ideology, a dangerous belief system rooted in unreality that is seducing children, adolescents, & young adults into believing they were “born in the wrong body” and can alter their sex. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it pushes “affirmative care” which is a profit-driven enterprise that creates lifelong medicalization and dependence on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it prevents medical professionals from using their judgment as to what constitutes appropriate treatment & places it in the hands of untrained political activists/trans lobbyists w/no clinical background. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it erodes parents’ ability to protect their children from irreversible harm from sterilization, lifetime medicalization, and mutilation. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it hampers healthcare providers’ ability to “first do no harm,” putting patients at risk of misdiagnosis and providers at risk of malpractice. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds by mandating repeated “cultural training”of all medical personnel requiring MediCal, PACE, state, & partially-funded programs 2 spend millions of $$$ annually on re-education2 crush dissent. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it is an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds to funnel $$ to lobbyist groups for politicized indoctrination, enriching political pacs rather than spending funds on legitimate services. VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB923 bc it’s a violation of the 1st Amendment to compel medical personnel/providers to profess belief in gender ideology & use names/pronouns demanded by persons assuming a gender identity conflicting w/his/her sex VETO #SB923!

I oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction the aiding & abetting of criminal acts & the kidnapping & injuring of children by facilitating unscientific & untested experimentation on children by life-altering, irreversible & mutilating invasive procedures. VETO #SB107

I  oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction the aiding&abetting of kidnapping&injuring of children by usurping parental authority&substituting state authority over minors by empowering CA family courts 2assert jurisdiction&authority over children who come to CA. VETO #SB107

I oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction the aiding&abetting of criminal acts&the kidnapping&injuring of children by prohibiting CA law enforcement agencies from enforcing arrest warrants from states that restrict “gender-affirming health care,” for violations of those state’s laws&allows them 2flee2 CA2evade prosecution &receive full immunity from any&all legal responsibility 4their actions. VETO #SB107

I oppose #SB107 for violations of those state’s laws&allows them 2flee2 CA2evade prosecution &receive full immunity from any&all legal responsibility 4their actions. VETO #SB107

I oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction the aiding & abetting of criminal acts & the kidnapping & injuring of children by prohibiting CA law enforcement agencies from enforcing arrest warrants from states that restrict “gender-affirming health care” VETO #SB107!

I oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction the aiding&abetting of criminal acts&the kidnapping&injuring of children by preventing the prosecution of anyone who transports out-of-state minors into CA for “gender-affirming care”. VETO #SB107

I oppose #SB107 bc it would sanction med procedures w/o parental consent & allow parents to take their children out-of-state4these purposes w/o the other parent’s consent or in violation of custody & visitation orders, even refusing 2honor med subpoenas VETO #SB107

California’s Terrifying Indoctrination Bill

California’s Democratic legislators – the same group that has been consistently incapable of voting to approve single payer universal healthcare for all its residents – is poised to approve an Orwellian piece of legislation, that requires, on the taxpayers’ dime, the repeated indoctrination of everyone in the medical or mental health profession through “cultural competency training” for the stated purpose of providing “trans-inclusive healthcare.”   This bill, California Senate Bill 923, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, SD 11, must be defeated.

While “trans-inclusive healthcare” sounds benign, what it means is indoctrination in sex denialism – the conflation of sex and gender, and the idea that sex doesn’t exist or has no significance and must be overridden by subjective “gender identity.”  It also means promoting “gender affirming services” -the medicalization of gender non-conformity or the idea that the body is “wrong” and must be modified through the ingestion of hormones and multiple surgeries if the personality fails to “match” sex stereotypes of how men and women, boys and girls, are supposed to act and behave, and who they are supposed to love.

The new acronym of groups for whose benefit this training is supposed to be conducted is “TGI” – “individuals who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, or intersex.”  The “LGB” is gone from this acronym, subsumed no doubt in “transgender” and “gender non-conforming”, as indeed, medicalization often means “transing away the gay.”  The promoted “gender affirming services” include “feminizing mammoplasty, male chest reconstruction, mastectomy, facial feminization surgery, hysterectomy, oophorectomy, penectomy, orchiectomy, feminizing genitoplasty, metoidioplasty, palloplasty, scrotoplasty, voice masculinization or feminization” as well as hormone therapy.  Somehow, stopping children’s puberty, giving “wrong sex” hormones, removing healthy body parts of minors and adults alike, and rendering sterile those who do not conform to sex stereotypes is promoted as “progressive” rather than recognized as the 1950’s style sexism and homophobia that it truly is. And the medical and mental health profession is to be indoctrinated into this “treatment” with no dissenters or alternative non -invasive approaches to gender-role non-compliance and bodily unhappiness allowed.

The curriculum for this training is not being established by a representative group of gender non-conforming people, as many lesbians and feminists are gender non-conforming without denying their sex but whose perspective is uniformly disregarded.  Rather, it is a state recognized group of gender identity ideologues called the California Transgender Advisory Council made up of such organizations as Transgender Law Center, California TRANScends, and Equality California, the last the result of the forced marriage between the “LGB” and the “TQ”, in which gender identity ideology overrides everything else. 

Also unheard are the growing ranks of de-transitioners, mostly females and mostly lesbians, who are rejecting their “transition” and the medicalization of their non-compliance with sex stereotypes and have come to accept their bodies, their gender non-conformity, and/or their homosexuality.

Health practitioners in California will instead be “trained” in using “TGI-inclusive” terminology including “correct names and pronouns,” and instructed to avoid “making assumptions about gender identity by using gender neutral language.”  And the consequences for not complying can be dire.   If there is a complaint or grievance filed and a decision made in favor of the complainant, the practitioner may not only be subjected to submitting to another “training” but can have her or his name publicly posted by regulatory boards.  The bill provides that a willful violation of these requirements by a health care plan would be a crime.  We can just imagine how long health practitioners would be able remain in business and on referral lists for non-compliance.

Biological sex is highly relevant to health care.  Our patriarchal medical system has long ignored the specific bodily needs of women and important physical differences between the sexes beyond obvious difference in reproductive organs.  According to Sarah L. Berga, MD, Wake Forest Baptist Health’s chair of obstetrics and gynecology and Vice President for Women’s Health Service, in an article entitled, Medicine Looking Deeper into Vital Differences Between Women and Men, “We’re beginning to truly understand how men and women differ in very fundamental ways and how these differences affect disease risk, symptoms, diagnostic sensitivity and specificity, and responses to therapy.”  Women have traditionally been excluded from clinical trials and treated as merely smaller men, to our detriment.  Should SB 923, become law, will medical practitioners be penalized for recognizing the sex of their patients?

It is ironic that when other countries such as liberal Sweden and the UK are beginning to question the “affirmative care” medical model for addressing gender non-conformity and especially questioning the gender transitioning of children as in “Swedish U-Turn on Gender Transitioning for Children”, that California is trying to silence all dissenters. 

The solution to gender unhappiness is not engaging in extreme body modification, that only profits the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic surgeons.  There is nothing wrong with being female or being gender non-conforming or lesbian or gay that requires “fixing the body.”  Rather it is our society, not our bodies, that is in need of repair.  As one female detransitioner put it:

For eight years I had thought I was transgender…the only way I had known to process the frightening, uncomfortable or disempowering aspects of being a woman had been to escape womanhood and see myself as something else…It’s been four years since I re-identified as a woman.  My gender dysphoria was real and often painful, but the way for me to resolve it wasn’t by becoming a man.  It was by questioning and rejecting the stories society had told me about what it means to be a woman.  

There are a number of professional organizations opposing this bill, among them the American College of Pediatricians, the California Chapter American College of Cardiology, the California Rheumatology Alliance, and the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice.  Please help defeat SB 923 and join FIST in the struggle for women’s liberation from the tyranny of gender ideology and medical malpractice masquerading as “affirmative care” by contacting the members of the Appropriations Committee and demanding they vote NO.

FIST Joins Protests to Keep Prisons Single Sex

On February 26th feminists in the UK kicked off a week of global events to bring attention to the threat to women and girls from male criminals placed in female prisons around the world. Photos from these events will be uploaded to the Internet and sent to the media worldwide.

The goal of this global effort is to raise awareness of the harmful policies that place incarcerated women and girls in living conditions with dangerous male criminals. In the UK, 49% of the male criminals who identify as women are rapists, sex abusers, and pedophiles. Why are such men allowed access to this most vulnerable population of women and girls ?

Women and girls in prison, jails, and juvenile detention centers are among the most vulnerable in the world, and often have a history of having been sexually victimized. Allowing male criminals who identity as women into female prisons puts women and girls at risk of serious assault, rape, and even death. The policies allowing men in women’s prisons are based on unscientific ideas that humans can change their biological sex.

In January 2021 SB 132, the so-called “Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act“, took effect in California, which allows male prisoners who self-identify as “trans” to be housed in women’s prisons, putting women prisoners at serious risk of harm without regard to their safety. The San Francisco BayView National Black Newspaper published a letter by Ayanna Green to Scott Weiner, the author of the bill, and cc’d to Governor Newsom, among other officials, pointing out the blatant unfairness to women prisoners currently being practiced due to SB 132. 

On February 27, women gathered in Redwood City, CA to initiate the US effort to shed light on the reckless policies that place incarcerated women and girls at risk from male criminals who identify as women. Rallies are planned by Keep Prisons Single Sex USA throughout the country.

FIST members participated in the protest at the San Mateo County building in Redwood City, and also participated in a similar protest in Chicago on March 6th. We must stand together and stop these abusive policies worldwide.