Endorse the Feminist Amendments

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Ms. Ann MenascheNoneCalifornia
Dr. Karen Prattnot listednot listed
Maiko LehmanChicago Feminist SalonIllinoisI think this is a great start at finding the path to upholding the rights of female people and also lesbian rights.
Kathryn ScarbroughFeminists in StruggleNJalready on mailing list
Elizabeth MillernoneIllinoisThe current version of the Equality Act is unacceptable because it redefines "sex" as something you can "identify" in or out of, thus decimating women's sex-based rights. The Feminist Amendments to the Equality Act fix this problem while at the same time creating protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender non-conformity for all people.
Michelle Follows SelfIllinois Women’s rights cannot be thrown under the bus for trans rights, trans women and women are different even though they tell you not to say it. Misogyny is not progressive.
Holly BrettNoneAlaska
Mariana Perez OcanaLeSVOZ ACMexico
Skylar Gwynn FISTNCGood work!
victoria minettanoneU.S.
Anita StewartNONEFlorida
Doug ZacharyNoneUSA
Pamela O'ShaughnessyNoneHawaiiThis is the much-needed legal solution that establishes civil rights for LGB and gender-nonconforming people, while protecting women's privacy and sports and acknowledging women's struggle for liberation as well.
J. Neath, S. Wiseheart, P. MariedaughterXX AmazonsU.S.Hooray for FIST's feminist Equality Act! The FIST Equality Act uses the simple strategy of ensuring the rights of women, LGB, and transgender people by creating three protected classes: sex, sexual orientation and sex stereotypes. All gender nonconforming people, including transgender people, are protected from discrimination on the basis of sex stereotypes. Women's sex-based rights are protected by eliminating the flawed and dangerous concept of gender identity from the document. This is a win for women, Lesbians, gays and transgender people!
Jeanne NeathNoneArkansasThe version of the Equality Act currently under consideration in the U.S. Senate would entrench the concept of gender identity in U.S. law, making gender identity equivalent to sex, eliminating female only public spaces, and, in effect, doing away with the legal existence of women. FIST's Feminist Amendments provide the desperately needed alternative. FIST has done an outstanding piece of feminist work. Now it is our turn! We all need to do everything we can to ensure that FIST's version of the Equality Act is the one that becomes law in the U.S.
Mary SyrettNone.CanadaIt is essential to have sex-based legal protections for people bearing XX chromosomes, which specifies that only such people are female.
Jay JacksonnoneMichigan
D. BrowernoneFloridaA person's sex isn't something you can identify into or out of. It's the basis of homosexuality and women's oppression. These amendments protect LGB people, women, and other non-conforming people with fairness for all.
Lelia CadynoneOhio
Hugh EscoGeorgia Green PartyGeorgiaOur 2020-Feb-22 state convention in Bonaire Georgia amended the state party platform to endorse the Feminist Amendment. The text of the proposal, as adopted is available here:
Kenneth MorganNone6910 N. Roberts Ave,Portland, OR
John M. LasellNoneVermont
rochelle glickmanfistunited states
Claudia NeelynoneWV
Lisa jonesNoneCanadaPleas dont share phone number
Andrea HoutmanNoneCalifornia
Adele Hunt-Concon NoneTennessee
Glen MorganNoneNebraska
Tina MinkowitznoneNew YorkFAEA represents a feminist approach to accommodating discrimination against trans people as a form of sex stereotyping, along with other people who are gender nonconforming, while maintaining sex discrimination as a separate category that addresses the systemic oppression of women (females) by men (males). Sexual orientation discrimination is also prohibited, and religious freedom loopholes for discrimination are closed - as in the original Equality Act. We do not reject the Equality Act entirely but correct it to bring it in line with feminism and respect women's human rights as a sex.
Christian Garland None UK Sex-based rights meaning feminism based on biological sex not 'gender identity' which this is very much part of needs to be widely understood and to make itself heard and refuse to be silenced as ReSisters, FIST and many others refuse to be. This ongoing campaign is also very critical of the nonsense claiming autogynephiles - heterosexual and to a much lesser extent homosexual men - who are sexually aroused by pretending they are women, should get all of the rights they have as men and also get all of the rights of women, and who believe their kink entitles them to exclusively female spaces: it doesn't, and must never.
David M. KeilGreen Rainbow PartyMassachusettsWill work in Green Party for the feminist amendments
Anna HeranNoneOhio
Izabella Souza"None"BRAZIL
Ann NordlöfNoneSweden❤️
Chris BeacockChicago Teachers Union (ret)IllinoisChanging "sex discrimination" to "gender discrimination" threatens' to dismantle years of practice identifying and opposing that discrimination.
Lauren LeveynoneNY
Elizabeth Miller Chicago Feminist SalonIllinois
Zeren XingNoneMA
Connie HahnWHRCUSEquality must include women and girls.
Romi Wythe ElnagarGreen Party of LouisianaU.S.A.
Rebeka Hoffman noneMassachusetts Thnx for supporting lesbian rights and sex based women’s rights, and standing up to the transtopian BS.
Barbara BullNoneJapanWe need to move quickly with this!
Samantha HollandNoneLouisiana
Aleks KinclaraNoneMinnesotaI am convinced that the vast majority of people have no idea about the ramifications of the Equality Act as currently written. I am utterly grateful to FIST for laying out a coherent response that protects the basic human rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexual people, and transgender people without enshrining new quasi-religious concepts such as ‘gender identity’ into law. I think of it this way. Even though ‘race’ (human genetic variability) truly is a spectrum, and we are all ultimately of African ancestry, ‘white’ people should not have a protected right to unilaterally ‘identify’ as a member of an indigenous community, or as a person of color. Equally obvious, male people should not have a protected right to self-identify as women, as girl, as female. Material reality matters. I support feminists who understand their job is to protect the interests of female people, of women and girls. At the centennial of women securing the vote, let’s not destroy ourselves as a political class. Let’s get this right.
Tracye Bennis-SinenonePennsylvania
Carol A. Bouldinn/aCaliforniaThese amendments are very needed in order to safeguard women's sex-based rights.
Connie HahnNoneUS
Coleen GruschowNoneCanada
J. SchneidernoneIllinois
Holly M HartN/AOregon
Gail Pawlowski NoneNew York
Rebecca RothhaasFISTPennsylvania
Lynette HartsellLGB Alliance USANorth CarolinaAmend the Equality Act - Make "sex a protected class."
Jennifer SmithNone Kansas
Csilla FloriannoneNew York
Pamylle GreinkeNoneU.S.
Spider RedgoldErinyes Autonomous Activist LesbiansAustralia and USA
sally tatnallnoneUS
Sandy TateSandy TateU.S.Fully endorse
Judith SaraNoneMassachusetts
Meike MatarazzoNoneCalifornia
Alyse CeirantenoneCalifornia
Pelican LeeNoneNew MexicoThank you for doing this! So needed!
Claire RyanNoneNM
Sarah HoaglandNoneIllinois
Rosie CurtisNoneMaine
Lisa McLeodnoneAZ
Bonnie Gail F. NethertonSugarloaf Women’s Land Trust, Inc.FloridaThank you!
Rhonda Jan JenningsnoneAlabama
Brenda WyattnoneMichigan
susan sneednoneusaprotect SEX BASED spaces for women.
Connie HahnNoneUS
Diane Ste. MariePSOLOC, Puget Sound Old Lesbians Organizing for ChangeUSThank you for your work.
Laura FreppelNoneCOLORADO
Tracye Bennis-SinenonePennsylvania
Sharon RamseyNoneIndiana
Dana StanleynoneNorth Carolina
Lisa RavaioliNoneUSA
Leah Landerman NoneNorth Carolina
Brian WibecanNoneAlabama
Cheryl AnglenoneWashington stateGo! Thank you!
Mark Warschauernone (but see comment below)CaliforniaAs I am endorsing as an individual, not as a representative of an organization, you may list me as the following if you wish: Professor of Education, University of California, Irvine (title and organization listed for identification purposes only)
Jackie SlivkoSelfNYMore focus on those of us older and still working
Peggy KocorasOLOCMassachusetts
Thistle PettersenWLRNWisconsinTo be clear, I am not signing for WLRN, but rather as "Founding Member of WLRN" as an individual. Thanks!
Amber AtiyaNoneNYI am a Black woman who currently resides at a women's shelter where trans identified males are accommodated under DHS (Dept of Homeless Services) policy. In the 20 months that I've been here, these males have threatened, verbally/physically assaulted, amd stalked female residents, staff, and security. I've heard stories about similar behavior taking place at other women's shelters in NYC, as well as stories of women in shared supportive housing being sexually assaulted by male roommates who ID as trans. Most of the women here are Black/Latina, so when trans males become violent, it's primarily women of color who suffer for it. As one of my dorm mates said, "it's bad enough to have to worry about defending yourself against other women. But men too?" We must fight to the death to protect vulnerable women and girls.
Olivia MurphyNoneMissouri
Kim GreennoneCA
Molly TaylornoneCalifornia
Lara ForsbergRoller DerbyAlbertaAsserting biological category is not violence. Women are different, and we can talk about those differences in sport.
Kathryn HongnoneMinnesota
Kayla BoyleNoneTexas
William OetjenGender Critical VT Vermont As one who was recruited by Antifa to help blockade Trump's inauguration in 2017, but voted against every Democrat and Faux-gressive this year because of the Equality Act, I beg you to protect Women's sex-based rights and safeguard Gender Nonconforming children.
Alexzandrea ForeNoneU.S.Protect women's sex based rights!! We have been through enough. We refuse to be erased by men consuming us to the point if erasure. WOMEN are women. Only women. We cannot protect women if we erase them or keep them oppressed.
Alessandra VandevoordeNoneNew Jersey
Peggy LuhrsGender Critical Vermont GCVTVermontVery concerned about this and the need for amending.
Signe BergmanNoneWashington
Jos GLGB Alliance USAFloridaSex is biological and immutable. Gender is a set of performative, draconian stereotypes which serve to oppress women and men. We cannot allow the Equality Act to conflate sex with gender and codify into law a redefinition of the words sex, gender, woman.

*I sign for myself & am a member of LGB Alliance USA.
Judith K WallakNoneWashingtonThank you for doing this! It’s vitally important.
Emma XinoneNew York
Frances LawrenceNoneUSA
Pam BerkeleyNoneRhode Island
Denice Trainaselfusaproud to support the courageous work you are doing!
Gaye ChapmanNoneCaliforniaThank you!
Jordan LeviNoneNevada
Emilie HuffmanNoneNorth CarolinaVery timely--we must acknowledge when there are rights conflicts--and find a way to protect all people!
Leslie Crane None Connecticut
Allison BaylessNoneCalifornia
Jack WassermanNoneGeorgia
Molly Skelton NoneIllinoisChildren are gender dysphoric, not transgender. The affirmative model treating dysphoric children ultimately sterilizes them. This is unethical, as was the eugenics movement 100 years ago.
Catalina Giordano noneArgentina
Nadine FabreNoneFlorida
Julie TerrieNone.U.S.thank you
Jennifer AldridgeNoneTexas
Mary Anne DagatanoneMichiganU P Michigan
Calyn Whedbee None Idaho
Terra BrownNoneTexasI am very concerned about the path that our country is on right now. I am all for protecting people with differences but not at the expense of another group of people. I fear for the educational system that places gender ideology in the forefront of leading this push by educating young children about topics that they are far to young for. There is also a push to medicalize conditions that may have other treatment options.
Woody BluenoneFloridaI fully endorse this amendment. I have fought most of my adult life for equal rights. I have worked with lesser pay, been unsafe walking in public places especially at night, been passed over for promotions. I have worked hard to see that girl children have the same opportunities for classes and sports, as well as grants and scholarships. Females need legal protection and this amendment will protect me, transgenders and lesbian and gays.
Susan Henderson NoneCalifornia
Josephine Samantha FoxNoneArizona
Sarah FergusonNoneOR
Marilyn VoglerNoneWashington Absolutely critical that these amendments pass!
Julie CornellNoneWa
Angelique LopezNoneCalifornia
Catherine YanchulisnoneDelaware
Cynthia CravensNoneCalifornia
Tom BartleyNoneCanada
Nathalie S.None. Saudi Arabia Sex is real and it matters to women and girls.
Adele Hunt-ConconNoneTennessee
Theresa KeefeNoneTexasThank you for your hard work in protecting the sex-based rights of women & girls.
Owen LloydnoneOregon
Darcy L MillerNoneMichiganPlease protect women's sex-based rights in sport, safe spaces including locker rooms and prisons.
Shae RamseyNoneIndiana
Clare MooreNoneTexas
Danielle WhitakerWLRNGeorgia
ANDREA COOKnoneTexasThe Equality Act is a misnomer if it destroys women's rights.
Clare MooreNoneTexas
Tamara ZwinakNoneNorth Carolina
Forrest AldridgeNoneTexasThank you for work to make this world a more just and peaceful for all, without sacrificing the hard-fought sex-based rights of women and girls.
Ruth ConlockNoneUnited Kingdom#SexNotGender #WomensRightsAreHumanRights
Dru smithNoneOhio
Michelle FollowsNoneU.S
Jane SrygleyNonePennsylvania
Patricia J Krause NoneNY
Terhon OnealNoneCA
Alana BallantyneNoneMichiganPlease don't erase women's sex based sports and spaces! We deserve fair play and privacy!
Sharon Faulkner noneTexas
Sheila SmaleNoneCalifornia
Amanda Suzanne RyanNoneOregon
Jennifer CobbNoneIllinois
Kara LarsonNoneMinnesota
Yvonne ManlyNoneWashington State
Julie CornellNonrWashington
Danielle WhitakerNoneGeorgia
Shae RamseyNoneIndiana
Becki ReibmanNoneIndiana
Alex R.Pinwheel ArtSouth CarolinaThis is incredibly important work. It's good to find groups fighting against this insanity. Hopefully we can stop the trajectory before it does much more damage to women and children.🖖🏽
Mira MalesevicFISTILRe-defining words in order to annihilate the legal rights women have fought and died for is disgusting, shameful, and cowardly.
Dr. Goswami ShubhranandanoneCalifornia
Suzanne VierlingFISTCalifornia
Danielle WhitakerLGB Alliance USAGeorgia
Nancy S LeveringtonNoneTexas
RosemaryNoneCalifornia A woman is an adult human female.
Kim RaileyNoneWashingtonI will share this with everyone I know!
Elizabeth MurrayNoneCalifornia
Rosy smithNoneTexasThe only reason that this amendment would be denied is because it's intention is to erase biological sex based rights. Women's rights. There is no reason at all why this amendment cannot be put through.
Thomas CollinsNoneNew York
Kristen RidleyDetransVoices.orgCalifornia
Ian RaymondNoneOhio
Lara O'RegannoneMassachusettsAdult Human Females MUST BE RECOGNIZED as an oppressed class of people worthy of rights and protections under the law.
Pamylle GreinkenoneNew York
Shelia CNoneNew York
Alba TiradoNoneFlorida, USA
NLGB AlliancePennsylvania
Kelli KayRadical Feminists UnitedFlorida
Anna Liescheidt NoneMissouri
Rachel GeigerNoneTennessee
Desere OlsonNoneNorth Dakota
Benjamin MorseNoneNew York
Dustin HollomanNoneNorth CarolinaThanks so much for introducing this. Same sex attracted men and women have taught hard for rights that are now being threatened by gender ideology and a wave of neo homophobia.
Elise von Gunten NoneOhio
Lance KnightNoneCalifornia
Lance Morgan KnightNoneCalifornia
Jessica CruzNoneUnited States of America
Alexander Peter RamosNoneFlorida
Thomas J RocharzNoneMassachusetts
Karen AguilarNoneUS
Aimee J. TiceNoneNew Hampshire
Teresa HainoNoneNJThank you for your hard work.
Timothy RoscoeLGB Alliance USAPennsylvania215-668-7433
Kurt GronertNoneMichigan
Laura Ann DorianNone Pennsylvania Great work. I’d be happy to help out in any way I can.
Laura A DorianNonePennsylvania
Jessica BirchfieldNoneWashington
Scott ZylstraNoneTexas
Anna McIntoshNoneColoradoThis is exactly correct. The vital changes being proposed here guarantee safety and opportunity for over half the US population in a meaningful and viable way, grounding true equity in the substrates of realism and pragmatism.
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